Chuck Dunn

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Choose Blues Hour with Chuckie Dunn
Sunday: 6p-7p

About Chuck

Working at KTKE was quite by accident. Always listening to the radio, but never behind the mic. It has been a great opportunity to be able to play the songs I like without having someone looking over my shoulder telling me what to do.
Being local and independent truly is a wonderful thing. I have been playing in bands since I was 13 years old and music has always been my thing. I got into the Blues about15 years ago with a band called The Blues Monsters and have been very fortunate to hook-up with some of the best players in the area.

I would say my roots really go back to country music as my mother was a big country fan and a great harmony singer. That’s where I got into vocals then picked up the guitar and keyboards later in life.
I am hoping to stay in radio for a long while, but it IS radio so who knows. Until then I will just keep on doing what I think I do best and that is play the songs that no one really hears on the radio. All the great artist that don’t get that BIG BREAK and have more talent than alot of the ones that do. So please tune into “Chuckie Dunn’s Choose Blues Hour and enjoy the music.