Pam Farris

On Air Talent

Afternoon Show
Monday-Friday: 3p-7p

About Pam

Pam FarrisForReal!
“Dad wanted me to work for the Government or the State. Being the rebellious type I chose another direction….”

This is Pam’s 3rd residency with 101.5 beginning with its infancy as THE local Truckee station and even laying some of the groundwork as the station began to develop into a true lifestyle. Accept no substitutes! Pam FarrisForReal can be heard on 101.5 daytime or nighttime, an exceptionally loyal radio buddy sometimes to a fault.

You may have heard Pam on KOZZ, KTHX,  stations across the US, as well as on numerous radio commercials, TV, web presentations, narrations and multimedia, locally and globally. You can even hear Pam on the I Dream of Jeannie slot machines where she plays…Jeannie! “Yes Master!”

Yes it’s often difficult to keep her quiet, unless you catch her mountain biking, hiking, skiing, golfing, or listening to music LOUD!