The DJ Files

Lindsay with an “A”

Morning Show with Lindsay
Monday – Friday: 7-11 am

Program Manager / On Air Talent

  1. How did you end up in radio? Besides the face for it? I had a show on my college station- WTBU- and realized if I worked in radio, I never had to shower before work again and I would get paid to talk.
  2. If you weren’t on the air, what would you want to be doing? Something political campaigning related or just completely ski bumming it up.
  3. First concert? The Monkees when I was five. My sister and I really got into the reruns of their TV show for some reason and our parents took us to see them on their reunion tour.  Don’t ask me about my second show.  I might have had a thing for boy bands of the late ’80s
  4. Beatles Or Elvis? Elvis and I share the same birthday, so I have always had a fondness for the King. But, my dad was a huge Beatles fan, so we listened to all the records growing up. Have to go with a tie on that one.
  5. What is your favorite part of living in the Tahoe-Truckee area?
    Too many to name, but I’ll list a few: I get to work for an INDEPENDENT radio station, get to ride any day I can get away from the station, and get to be surrounded by the some of nicest people and most down to earth people I have ever met!

Katie Mac

Afternoon Show
Monday to Friday: 3-7 pm

On Air Talent

Katie Mac comes to Truckee and 101.5 by way of Mammoth Lakes, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; and Girdwood, AK; but she’s originally from a small town in South Georgia where cotton is the only snow around. Her obsession with live music began at the University of Georgia while she was earning a BA in Journalism by day and checking out as much music as possible by night. After graduation, she rambled around the west before spending three years as Music Director and morning radio host at KMMT-FM in Mammoth Lakes. When she’s not playing music for you on the radio, you can catch her skiing, hiking with her St. Bernard, riding horses, or dancing her face off at a show-probably by the speaker.
Local Lowdown Hosts

Sir Funksalot & The Kool Aid Kid

Local Lowdown
Mondays: 9-11 pm
Presented By: Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards

On Air Talent
For the 411 on the 530, catch the Local Lowdown with Sir Funksalot and The Kool Aid Kid. We’re here to pay tribute to the Tahoe music scene and lifestyle, with: snow reports, concert reviews, local artist spotlights, music calendar and more. When we’re not charging the hill, tubing the Truckee, and dancing our faces off at area shows, we’re working on our next installment of Local Lowdown. So tune in and crank up some local love.


Mr. D

Deep Tracks with Mr D
Tuesday: 9-11 pm
Presented By: Tahoe Central Market

On Air Talent

I moved to Tahoe from Long Beach, CA during the Rodney King riots. It was surreal at first, then a bit dangerous. That was about 14 years ago. Never was a skier or a winter guy, but I truly love the summers up here. Picked up skiing about 10 years ago.

I bartend @ Mamasake in The Village @ Squaw as well as DJ for KTKE. HOW did I get the job you ask? I was working one day and Kevin approached me about doing a summer morning show w/him. Kev and I always have a blast talking about shows we’ve seen in the past and music in general. In fact we were at some of the same shows like Mick Taylor @ the Palomino in No.Hollywood, but didn’t know each other. When he asked me to do a show with him, it just seemed natural.

I got a bug to do my own show. I said to myself, SELF, you hoard a bunch of unheard music, you need to share all this great music w/ the masses. DEEP TRACKS was born. Playing not only b-sides, but c-sides! Stuff you never hear, unless you’re a music nerd like me. Playing everything from Etta James,Puscifer,Sneaker Pimps,PJ Harvey,rare Rolling Stones,KISS,Peeping Tom,Propellerheads, Luscious Jackson and even Michael Jackson. YES, that’s right, I said M.J.!?


Rob Humphries

Left of the Dial
Wednesday: 9-11 pm

On Air Talent

Growing up in Chicago instilled two life long passions in me: a love of all kinds of music – live and recorded – and a pathalogical loyalty to (usually) losing sports teams (Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks!).

Moved to SF in 1995 after college and split my time between there and Truckee before moving up here full time 4 years ago. Pass holder @ Alpine since 95, work in technolgy sales, enjoy a good pint of Guinness, am passionate about politics and literature and can usually be found around town with Jake (my dog) in tow.

Music has played an integral part in my life,  along with literature, travel, skiing and of course friends & family. I’m a huge fan of it all: jazz, blues, classical, country, rock, and of course “new” or “alternative” music (which my show “Left of The Dial” will emphasize).

I really dislike labels, because in my opinion good “rock n’ roll” defies easy categorization: to me, “alternative rock” is everything from Cash and Waylon to the Clash & the Who, from Pavement to the Pixies, Miles to the Minutemen, its all good.

DJ Treez

Positive Vibrations
Thursday: 9-11 pm
Presented by Avant Werks

On Air Talent

DJ Treez AKA Shannon has lived in Truckee for 7 years.  He is an avid Snowboarder and Mt. Biker and enjoys the Tahoe lifestyle.  He is a percussionist and has played in several Bay Area bands over the years.  He has been deejaying since the early 90’s at clubs, events and parties.  Recently, he turned his attention to his lifelong passion for Reggae and Dancehall.  Currently, he is hosting Positive Vibrations which is Truckee/Tahoe’s only local show featuring Reggae, Dancehall and then some.  His music is new and progressive; he plays the well known hits as well as up and coming unsigned/independent artists that email him their new songs each week.  There is always music that is fresh and brand new.

Mike Soultanian

Thursday: 9-11 pm

On Air Talent

Mike Soultanian is a house DJ based in Truckee. His style is inspired by his Chicago upbringing, featuring a blend of soulful, driving, and funky dance beats that make you want to groove.  His show, Soul-Titanium, features mix sets from DJs all around the world.  Be sure to tune in every week and get your Friday nights started right!

Chuckie Dunn

Choose Blues Hour
Saturday-Sunday: 6-7 pm

On Air Talent

Working at KTKE was quite by accident. Always listening to the radio, but never behind the mic. It has been a great opportunity to be able to play the songs I like without having someone looking over my shoulder telling me what to do.
Being local and independent truly is a wonderful thing. I have been playing in bands since I was 13 years old and music has always been my thing. I got into the Blues about15 years ago with a band called The Blues Monsters and have been very fortunate to hook-up with some of the best players in the area.
I would say my roots really go back to country music as my mother was a big country fan and a great harmony singer. That’s where I got into vocals then picked up the guitar and keyboards later in life.
I am hoping to stay in radio for a long while, but it IS radio so who knows. Until then I will just keep on doing what I think I do best and that is play the songs that no one really hears on the radio. All the great artist that don’t get that BIG BREAK and have more talent than alot of the ones that do. So please tune into “Chuckie Dunn’s Choose Blues Hour and enjoy the music.

Rusty Reams

Mountain Soul Shakedown
Saturdays: 9-11 pm
Presented by Bluesdays at Squaw

On Air Talent

Rusty Reams moved to Tahoe in 2004 in search of deep snow and great skiing.  After the season, he stayed through the summer and realized that he had found his home here in Tahoe.  “While the mountains brought me here, the incredible community that I found in Tahoe is the reason I call this place home.”  An avid lover of reggae music, action sports, and artistic collaborations, Rusty has been able to create a life that forges his passions with work.  It’s this work hard, play harder lifestyle that Tahoe offers that continues to inspire and continues to remind Rusty that their is no place like Tahoe!

dj Chango

DJ Chango

Sunday Night Lounge
Sunday: 9-11 pm

On Air Talent

Chango is a dj with a fond love of house music. He hails from Lake Tahoe, CA where he allows his natural surroundings to be a catalyst in his creative energy. Be prepared to be embraced by warm bass lines and heavy house grooves as he takes you on his musical journey. Chango has shared the stage with such musical legends as;Fort Knox Five, Rick Preston, Galen, Jon Lemmon, E.B.E and many more.


Tahoe Sports Hub Weekend Show
Saturday & Sunday: 7a-10a

Fearless Leader/Powder Patrol/Man On the Mountain

My position at 101.5FM has changed over the years since the station has started. From Big Hair Rocker to Man On The Scene to the Fearless Leader of the Live 101.5FM Powder Patrol. Just as our station has changed into what it is today. Tahoe’s Local Independent radio station. I am now the Community Events Coordinator at the station and proud to be a part of my community. This is a great place to live and do this thing called life. Fear not to my long term listeners and supporters.All of the above positions are well alive and being lived out through this new position as I live The Tahoe Life.

If you ever have heard me talking about dancing with the FAT GIRLS. My picture explains it all with my wife’s approved girlfriend for me. So, if you see us hitch hiking on a POWDER DAY give us a ride to the next dance.

Welcome to our home! Lake Tahoe.When you are here. I hope that you are treated as a Tahoe Local during your visit.For those locals nothing needs to be said. Just poke your head out the door everyday and LIVE THE TAHOE LIFE.